Many people feel uncertain when it comes to their finances.  Families and futures hinge on it.  Lack of education about it pervades.  Today’s choices about it can affect tomorrow’s realities.  Confronting and planning for the future can be so overwhelming; it often puts people in a state of confusion, fear, and inaction.  They know they need to do something, but they simply don’t know where to begin.  

Through EducationInvestigation and Creation we can prepare a LifeTyme Financial Strategy exclusively for you.  It provides your Wealth Formula for Creating, Building and Optimizing your Wealth.  LifeTyme Financial Group's Wealth Strategists will provide you with the Financial Solutions to Life’s two Biggest Challenges of what happens if I Die Too Soon or Live Too Long. 

We are committed to educating people about their financial choices so they can take steps to control their money instead of letting their money – or lack of it – control them.  By building a solid financial foundation you can move from being Less Secure to More Secure and from Proper Protection to Accumulating Wealth.

To unleash the power of that knowledge you can implement your Personal Wealth Strategy.  If done properly you can maximize the Formula for Wealth, which states that Money plus Time, plus or minus a Rate of Return, minus Inflation and minus Taxes equals Wealth.

Creating LifeTyme Financial Strategies one Family at a Time
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Everyone Needs A Financial Coach
Meet Fredericks Financial Coach 

Charles Pettit
Co-Founder, LifeTyme Financial
Retirement Should Include Enjoyment!