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How Can I Learn About Finance and Investing?

How Can I Learn About Finance and Investing?

June 21, 2021

There are over 279 million results that display when you search Google for “learn finance and investing.” That’s a lot of information, and unfortunately, most of it is probably incorrect. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite resources that will teach you the basics of finance and investing.

3 Ways to Learn About Finance and Investing

  1. Read The Personal Economic Model. This book by Don Blanton and Dr. C.W. Copeland comes highly recommended by Charles Pettit. The short chapters make it easy to digest, but don’t be fooled. It’s loaded with information. You’ll learn about all the decisions that impact your financial goals. Many financial experts love to talk about reducing your lifestyle in order to save for retirement. (Who wants to do that?) Pickup a copy of this book and learn how you can be more efficient with your money by avoiding unnecessary losses.
  2. Attend the Financial Foundations Program. This complimentary 8-week course will teach you a new topic every week, from mortgages, to taxes and retirement. You’ll walk away feeling confident when you make financial decisions because of everything you’ve learned during the course. Charles Pettit teaches the program and provides ample opportunities for your feedback and questions. Attendance is limited so that we can encourage intimate discussions around money, which is typically a taboo subject.
  3. Sign-Up for the American Dream Experience. The American Dream Experience is a complimentary 2-day event that teaches you a different approach to investing. You’ll learn about the deeply harmful investment practices that most individuals accept without question, and a newer approach to investing that follows academic principles and strategies from Nobel Prize winning economists. Join us for an event that will shift your mindset and challenge you to think differently about everything you’ve ever been told.

These resources are the best ways for you to learn about finance and investing. It’s easy to sign up - just complete the contact us form or give us a call at (480)-600-9626.

Not ready? Browse our educational videos or our blog articles to learn more about our stance on finance and investing. You can always book a free Meet & Greet with Charles to see if it's a good fit.