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Our Investment Philosophy

When we started in the financial services industry, we were bombarded with big corporations hounding us with claims their funds or their products generated the best returns for clients. And for a few years, we believed it. Then we started calculating the return on our clients’ investments and were stunned by the results.

After deducting the astronomical, mostly-hidden fees and adding in the rate of inflation, everyone who invested the “traditional” way was barely breaking even. These families were trusting us with their money and we weren’t delivering as expected. Something had to change.

It was then that Charles heard a presentation from Mark Matson on the Myths of Investing. For the first time, he heard about the science and academics of investing. He was hooked.

Charles temporarily left the industry, went back to college and attended The American College of Financial Services. He went through the Certified Financial Planning course and then continued to the advanced financial planning designation. After 5 years of college classes, he had a thorough understanding about what investing is and what it isn’t.

He dove back into the financial services industry with a deep understanding of the academic principles such as:

  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • 3-Factor Model
  • Efficiency Frontier

These sound like scary phrases but we promise it’s not as overwhelming as it looks. Understanding the world of investing is like riding a bike for the first time. Once you find your balance, you will never lose that balance.

Since implementing an academic-based approach to portfolio management, we feel renewed and eager to help more families with their finances. We can see the difference in performance. The incredible feeling that we are helping people create a life they love keeps us energized.

We would love to help you create the life you always wanted. Give us a call to get started.