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Transforming Your Relationship with Money is Essential for Wealth

Transforming Your Relationship with Money is Essential for Wealth

April 20, 2021

In order to prosper, we need to recognize behaviors to transform our relationship with money. Our childhood experiences impact how we see the world today. What stories are you telling yourself?

We sat down with Sophal Pettit, co-founder of CSP Financial Group, to discuss her first experiences with money and how they affect her relationship with money today. It’s important to remember that these childhood memories are how you interpreted the experience at the time. It is likely that you need to let go of these stories in order to embrace an abundance mindset.

Here’s an example of a money story that Sophal has been telling herself. You will see that it’s no longer beneficial for her to embrace this behavior when it comes to her financial well-being.

The Story: Money is Worthless

As you might have known already, Sophal was born in 1970 in Cambodia and survived the horrible suffering and nightmares of the killing fields. She wrote a book about it, titled From Hell to Heaven: From Surviving the Killing Fields in Cambodia to the Beatitudes of Living in Gratitude.

One memory that stands out is her mother saying that “money doesn’t mean anything anymore.” It was just paper. Her mother meant that with the regime change, the currency would no longer be accepted. It was, therefore, worthless.

Sophal learned that she could exchange gold or gems for food. Since these rare finds were always in demand, it was very difficult for her to change her money mindset and invest in the stock market. Gold and gems are tangible. The stock market felt very risky.

That’s why she decided to learn all she could about investing. After the stock market crash of 2008, she knew there had to be another approach to investing that allowed her to take advantage of the returns of the stock market without putting her entire savings at risk. She discovered the Matson Money approach, attended the American Dream Experience several times, and is now on track to becoming an American Dream Ambassador.

Acknowledging that you have money memories is fairly easy. We complete this exercise as part of the American Dream Experience. What’s difficult is realizing how those money stories are impacting your relationship with your finances today. Sophal might recognize the signs of thinking “money is worthless” by not keeping track of her finances or only purchasing gold for her retirement portfolio. Fortunately, she was able to recognize her money stories before it was too late.

 By shifting your relationship with money, you are opening yourself up to abundance. If you feel like you are always hustling to make more money, associate your money with your value, are afraid that money is evil, or find it hard to keep, then you probably have money stories that need to be brought to the surface. Join us at the next American Dream Experience and let’s tackle these issues together. Give us a call at 480-600-9626 to register for the next event.