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7 Things You’ll Learn About Investing at the American Dream Experience

7 Things You’ll Learn About Investing at the American Dream Experience

July 12, 2021

The American Dream Experience is a complimentary 2-day event that teaches you life-altering truths about money and investing. It will challenge you to think differently about how you save for retirement, your child’s education, or your financial future in general. That’s because the investment strategy taught at this event is based on academic research and Nobel-prize winning economists, something that cannot be said for the typical “gambling” approach. Here, we break down a few things that you’ll learn at the event.

What You’ll Learn at the American Dream Experience Event

  1. Money won’t ever buy you happiness if you don’t have a purpose for it. You’ll continue to buy, obtain, and compare yourself to other people instead of appreciating your life. In the American Dream Experience, you’ll learn how to escape this endless cycle.
  2. Most of our money habits and beliefs derive from childhood experiences where we were taught that money was a taboo topic. If we don’t talk about it, everything is all good, right? Wrong. Hear the inspiring stories from other attendees and choose to share your story.
  3. We are not hardwired for investing success. There are at least six cognitive biases that impact our ability to make good decisions when it comes to investing. Identify these biases so that you can recognize them.
  4. Stock picking in all forms is destructive behavior.It’s a dangerous way to manage your life savings and retirement funds. It’s essentially gambling with your money. Learn a better approach that’s based on data.
  5. No one can time the market. No one can predict the future and therefore, we (as investors) can never guarantee that we will be selling or buying stocks at the “best” price. There is a way for you to have a more relaxed approach to investing, while still reaping the rewards and limiting your risk. Learn about it at the American Dream Experience.
  6. Looking at past results for investment funds as a way to predict future results is a flawed strategy. There are many reasons why it’s flawed, including that sometimes the portfolio is being gathered in hindsight. (So, of course they would pick all of the best performing stocks.) This is manipulation by financial institutions at its finest. Find out how to be an intelligent investor.
  7. Rebalancing a portfolio should happen every year, but it is rarely being done at most firms. Financial and investment advisors are being paid to take care of your portfolio. Do you know the last time it’s actually been rebalanced? Discover what rebalancing means and what you could expect from an American Dream Experience financial coach that makes all the difference in your financial future.


    The American Dream Experience is an event that shows you a stress-free way to manage your investments. We believe that this invaluable knowledge changes lives, and that is why we offer it free of charge. Here are some other ways you can learn about finance and investing without spending a lot of money.

    We’re announcing the next date of the American Dream Experience event - October 7 & 8th from 9am - 5pm Pacific Time, and the evening of October 11th from 3 - 6 pm Pacific Time. If you would like an invitation to the event, please give us a call at 480-600-9626 or complete the contact us form.