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Get a Taste of the American Dream Experience in the Financial Foundations Program

Get a Taste of the American Dream Experience in the Financial Foundations Program

October 25, 2021

The American Dream Experience is a 2-day event that focuses on investing. That’s a big commitment when you’re not sure what the program involves. That’s why we provide a taste of what you’ll learn in the Financial Foundations Program. It’s an easier undertaking - 2 hours a week for 8 weeks - and you’ll learn about a variety of financial topics. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the program and what you can expect from attending.

About Financial Foundations

Financial Foundations is a course that was created by us - Charles and Sophal Pettit. It’s only offered by CSP Financial Group. Similar to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace program, ours is an 8-week program where each class meets for about 2 hours every week. We dive into a different topic on financial literacy each week. By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident in your ability to handle money and answer tough financial questions. It’s the information about investing and finances that we all should have learned in high school.

The Financial Foundations Program

Your Personal Economic Model

We’ll start with an overview of The Personal Economic Model. After years of coaching clients, this illustration is the best way for me to communicate the details of your financial decisions. It’s particularly helpful for visual learners who are apprehensive about taking a financial course because they are afraid of numbers. We’ve got you covered!

Lifetime Financial Planning Process

The financial planning process isn’t something that happens once and is done forever. It takes constant review because your goals and dreams change, as well as your portfolio and the market. You want to partner with someone who is a financial coach, not just to a financial advisor. A coach helps you prepare for the future. They’re available when you need them. They provide ongoing support, training and education about financial topics and help you develop a strategy to overcome any challenges. In this class, we’ll talk about how you can identify the right financial coach for your needs.

The Truths about Investing

In this session, we talk about how we’re currently taught to invest and why this approach is misleading and dangerous to your financial well-being. These myths include: you (or someone else) can pick the best stocks that will perform, you can time the market, and that past results are an indication of future success. This is one class that provides a taste of the American Dream Experience. You don’t want to miss it.

Understanding Tax Planning Strategies

Arguably our most popular class, this one dives into how you can minimize your taxes and maximize your investments at retirement. You’re allowed--and encouraged--to ask questions at any time during the course of the program. However, attendees are particularly inspired to speak up during this topic. We can’t blame them, this is an exciting subject!

Social Security Optimization

Do you know how to optimize your social security benefits? Most people don’t and that can lead to lower payouts. We’ll discuss the best ways for you to ensure you’re getting all your money. 

Life & Health Insurance Benefits

Maximizing your life and health insurance benefits are a way to reduce costs without sacrificing your quality of life. We’ll discuss tips and tactics for you to understand and optimize your life and health insurance benefits so that you can keep more of your money.

Estate Planning Basics

If you don’t plan for what happens to your estate after you’re gone, the government will take care of it. You’ll also likely lose a lot of money during the transition of your estate to your loved ones. We’ll explain the estate planning documents that you need in order to maximize what you leave behind.

Understanding Your 401K and Beyond

Your 401K is meant to help you save for retirement, but most contributors don’t know how to invest in it properly. If you’ve chosen a fund based on your estimated retirement year, you need to attend this class. We’ll discuss why that is not a good way to invest and how you can improve your selection.


Financial Foundations is a program offered exclusively by CSP Financial Group for anyone who is interested in understanding finance and investing on a deeper level. We offer this course for free because we believe this information should be available to everyone, regardless of their current financial situation.

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