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Learn About Finance and Investing with These Videos

Learn About Finance and Investing with These Videos

June 30, 2021

If you want to learn the basics about finance and investing, we’ve compiled a list of short videos that are excellent resources for you. Last time we talked about how you can learn about finance and investing and we shared about our favorite book, the Financial Foundations program, and the American Dream experience. Please reach out to us if you would like to be invited to any of those events.

Short Videos to Help You Learn about Finance and Investing

A Balanced Financial Approach

What does a balanced financial approach look like? In this video, you’ll be introduced to the Personal Economic Model for the first time. We use this diagram in detail in our Financial Foundations program because it helps you see how your decisions can impact your financial future.

Club vs. Swing

There are many similarities between the game of golf and our money. In this video, we take a look at a few - including why it’s more important to learn how to swing properly than buying the shiniest tool (i.e. the club) that you use.

10 Minute Lesson on Life Insurance

Life insurance is a key part of your financial portfolio but it is often misunderstood. After watching this video, you may know more about life insurance than many life insurance agents. 

Your Circle of Wealth

We all want our circle of wealth to grow. Do you know what will have the biggest impact in your ability to accumulate wealth? The answer doesn’t lie in a specific financial product. Avoiding your losses can often have an equal - or greater - impact on your financial future.

Who Owns This House?

Will a large down payment save you on your mortgage over time? What about a 15 year mortgage versus a 30 year? Will making extra principal payments save you money? Learn about mortgages and change how you look at money for the rest of your life.

College Funding - The Importance of Planning

The average price of tuition and fees ranged from $10,560 for in-state residents at public college to $37,650 at private colleges for the 2020-2021 academic year, according to Parents used to be able to pay for their child’s education by adding the expense to their monthly budget. Now, it takes more time to plan for the expense.


Our financial state is complex, covering many topics such as life insurance, college funding, retirement, mortgages, and more. The best way to ensure your financial future is bright is to work with a financial coach to create a comprehensive plan. Our team helps you create the life you love, helping guide you through The Purpose Plan. Call us at 480-600-9626 to schedule your Meet and Greet, and determine if we’re a good fit for you.